Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls Mount Elgon Beyond Frontier Travels

Sipi Falls (3 Water Falls) Kapchorwa, Mount Elgon Area Uganda

 Sipi Falls is found in the north eastern part of Uganda, covered by the districts of Kapchorwa to the north and Mbale and Sironko the south, just over 270Kms from Kampala.

Sipi falls comprises of three water falls that lie on the edge of mount Elgon and the Kenya Border. The area has got a generally cool temperature than most parts of Uganda. Sipi Falls offers several activities including, birding, hiking, coffee tours, abseiling, rock climbing, cycling, caves visit, and lots more. Sipi Falls is the perfect getaway for a few days to decompress, read a book and enjoying the spectacular views of the Karamoja plains on clear days.

The name Sipi is derived from an indigenous plant called ‘Seb’ this plant would be the equivalent of a wild banana and it grows around the river banks, The Seb plant has medicinal properties, the translucent frond with a bolt of crimson rib is used as a Fever and Measles remedy.

This area is commonly surrounded by the Sabinyi people as well as a small Bagisu community, famous for growing Arabica coffee, which is the main cash crop in this area. There are a few lodges that offer decent accommodation in this area these include;

  • Home of friends (Kapchorwa Town)
  • Sipi River Lodge
  • Crows’Nest
  • Lacam Lodge
  • Sipi Falls Resort


From $5 USD

Winding trails lead hikers through local communities to roaring waterfalls, lush farms and forests, and magnificent views of the Karamoja plains. Sipi Falls is a hiker’s paradise waiting to be explored. Our guides are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

Use of guides accredited with the Sipi Falls Tour Guides Association helps to overcome challenges in the community with school drop-out rates and unprofessional guiding practices.

Coffee Tour
From $15 USD

Trace the story of coffee from seed to cup. Sipi Falls Arabica Coffee is some of the finest in the world. Meet local farmers to tour their plantation and learn about the lifecycle of the crop and their role in the process. Visit and tour the local processing plant to see the selected green beans before shipment. Finally learn the traditional art of roasting your own coffee and enjoy your own cup.

​A percentage of proceeds goes towards locally driven initiatives.

Prices from $50 USD

Adventure lovers looking for a rush of adrenaline on their visit can abseil/rappel from the top of the 100metre high Sipi Falls, or try climbing on the numerous high cliffs. The close proximity of the falling water and panoramic views provide a once in a lifetime experience.

The professionally trained guides at Mulima Mountain Adventures use CE approved equipment and conduct regular safety audits with the help of the Mountain Club of Uganda.

Mt. Elgon Trekking
Mt Elgon (4321m) is the eighth highest mountain in Africa and the second largest freestanding volcanic base in the world rising more than 3000m above the surrounding plains and dominating the local landscape.

Runners Experience
From $20 USD

Kapchorwa district is fast becoming a world class running destination for elite athletes and amateurs alike. Run the local trails or choose to join the local athletes during their training schedule.

Our connection with a local ‘not for profit organizations’, allows a variety of options that can be easily tailored to suit your interests.

Fly Fishing
From $20 USD

Rainbow Trout thrive in the cold clear waters of the Sipi River bordering Mt. Elgon National Park. Previously stocked before Ugandan independence, Rainbow Trout have been re-introduced to the area in recent years. Rods and Reels are available to hire and our guides will be happy to show you the best spots.

Explore Eastern Uganda
Wild landscapes and a unique cultural heritage remain strong in this lesser travelled region of Uganda. Visit the Karamojong people with Kara Tunga tours, explore the Nyero rock paintings, or safari in the rugged and magnificent Kidepo Valley National Park. Sipi Falls is your gateway to this wild and untouched  frontier.

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Sipi Falls